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"Dental issues are often reflected throughout the whole horse giving rise to performance and behavioural issues which are not immediately associated with dentition."


equine dentistry

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"Great and small..."

One of our largest clients! We work on all sizes, from the big fellow in the picture, to minis and donkeys.

What does dental work involve?


A thorough examination of the horse’s head and mouth is carried out in order to assess dental symmetry, balance and highlight any dental disease or abnormal wear.


 With the use of dental instruments balancing of the mouth is achieved by filing and burring to reduce any protuberant, blocking or restricting teeth giving full lateral (sideways) excursion and rostral/caudal (forwards/backwards) movement, thus:


         Relieving pain

         Increasing tooth life

         Enhancing performance

         Improving overall balance and condition


 The complete procedure will take around 40 minutes (on average). A full dental chart will be given as a record of the procedures that have taken place.


Working Area

Robin is based near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and works throughout Yorkshire and East Lancashire. Get in touch to see when he is next in your area.

Why dentistry?

Routine dental maintenance can help resolve the following conditions:


   Lack of condition

   Poor performance


   Change in performance

   Weight loss

   Excessive salivation or drooling

   Bumps or swellings of the jaw or face

   The chewing of doors or fencing


   Bad breath from either the mouth or nostrils

   Head throwing while being ridden

   Stiffness on one rein

   Head tilting while eating or riding


   Failure to perform with most equipment

   Abnormal carriage of  the tongue

   Bad general attitude

   Discharge from the eyes or nostrils

   Fistulous discharge from the jaw or face